Dessert Games

Play the best fun free online dessert games on Speckd on your computer today! All dessert internet games are safe for kids.

Nothing beats dessert and luckily we have 100's of different Dessert Games here on Speckd! You'll get to make cookies, bake cakes, serve ice cream and much more! Whether you are a culinary master or a kitchen newbie, you'll get to try all sorts of recipes without messing up the kitchen!

Our dessert games consist of two different styles of gameplay. Most of our games will walk you through a simple recipe as you mix, stir, bake, and cook your way to a final product. You'll get to make tasty cupcakes, delicious cookies, mouth-watering cakes and much more! In these type of games, you'll be directed to click on certain kitchen tools and food products. Some games will have you decorate the final product. You'll get plain desserts that you must spruce up with sprinkles, candy, icing and more! Sometimes step 1 will be to prepare the dessert and step 2 will be to decorate! Whatever your favorite type of dessert is, you'll find several games dedicated to it here on Speckd!